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Statesville, NC is a town of good neighbors. We have a unique and historic downtown business district, with companies that work together to make it a place people want to visit. We have several great companies throughout the area, large and small, who work to make Iredell County better. We have quaint historic communities and bustling new neighborhoods, filled with people who would rather avoid the noise in the bigger cities. We have great parks and green spaces that help people stay active during every season. 

Statesville residents are the type of people who care for one another and are committed to making sure everyone gets through the difficult seasons of life. At Action Services Company, our professional plumbers want to make sure Statesville and Iredell County residents have working plumbing systems at all times, but especially during a season of pandemic. Therefore, we want to remind you what can and cannot be flushed down the toilet, and what you can do if your system is clogged.

What Can and What Cannot Be Flushed 

What can be flushed? Toilet paper. That’s it. Toilet paper alone can be safely flushed down the toilet. It is unique in its design and will properly break down as it enters the sewage system. 

What cannot be flushed? Anything other than toilet paper:

Even if the package claims it is flushable, it will not break down the way toilet paper is designed to do and can lead to major clogging. Then, instead of being flushed down the toilet, your waste can back up onto your floor. Furthermore, these items can lead to issues in the town’s sewage systems. It is best to avoid flushing them altogether. Instead, if you do find yourself needing a toilet paper alternative, keep a trashcan with a lid by the toilet. Then you can dispose of it with the rest of your garbage. 

What if My Toilet is Clogged Already?

You may have found yourself on this page because you or a member of your household has already flushed a non-flushable product down the toilet, and you believe your pipes might be clogged. Do not expect the problem to go away with time. Contact us as soon as possible. At Action Services, we are taking steps to ensure we can continue to serve Statesville and Iredell residents safely. Do not let minor plumbing problems become major issues. Contact Action Services today