Heated waterStatesville, North Carolina, is a wonderful place to live and raise a family. There are numerous employment opportunities throughout Iredell and Mecklenburg counties, pristine parks, restaurants, and a convenient drive to Charlotte- the largest city in North Carolina; it is no wonder people are drawn to Statesville and surrounding areas. 

With so much to see and do in the area, homeowners want to make sure they are saving as much as possible on their energy bills. During the summer, you probably rely most on your air conditioning unit; however, your water heater is your home’s second-highest energy user and supplies hot water for your appliances such as a dishwasher, washing machine, as well as your bathrooms. 

At Action Service Company, LLC in Statesville, NC, we are committed to your water heater working as efficiently as possible. 

Water Heater Repair in Statesville, NC

Have you ever noticed your tank making noises, or there are problems with your hot water during showers or washing dishes? 

We rely on our hot water for many conveniences in our homes, and when your hot water requires maintenance, it can be overwhelming. Instead of trying to figure out what to do on your own, call our professional at Action Service Company, LLC for assistance

There are a few indicators that need to be checked when your hot water heater is malfunctioning. Burned-out elements, shorted wires, and rusted pipes can all contribute to needing a hot water heater repair. 

It is important to have a professional team with experience dealing with these issues or addressing larger concerns. Our team at Action Service Company, LLC is prepared to identify the problem, explain our findings, and provide a solution that keeps your hot water heater working its best. 

You could attempt to DIY service your hot water heater by watching repair videos and articles, but in reality, repairs that may be hazardous should be taken seriously. We have the experience and skills necessary to care for all of your plumbing needs with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and provide on-time servicing that ensures your hot water heater repair is completed in no time. 

Services We Provide in Statesville, NC

At Action Service Company, LLC, we genuinely care about our customers in Statesville, NC, and we want you to have a good experience when you turn to us for help. Below are some of the services we can provide. For the full list, visit our website for more details:

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