Underground Water Leak Repair, Statesville, NCRunning water is one of the most fundamental assets in homes, businesses, and municipalities. But when that water is not where it should be - when pipes and tanks corrode and leak - it creates significant problems that can undermine structures, cause extensive damage, and waste this valuable resource.

Underground water leaks are particularly difficult to resolve. Rest assured that Statesville top plumbing and heating professionals have the expertise and experience necessary to tackle the challenge.

The Most Trusted Plumbers in Iredell County Can Help

Underground leaks in water mains, residences, and water service pipes have the potential to cause a host of serious problems. From damaged foundations, flooring, and walls to underground erosion, the consequences can be both long-term and exceptionally expensive.

Signs of an underground water leak include unusual wet spots or pools or water, moldy or mossy conditions, noticeable drops in water pressure or flow volume, cracking or heaving of paved areas, potholes or sinkholes, structural leaning, and unexplained increase in water use.

Our skilled, certified professionals are able to stop property and land damage, and even water quality and safety issues, in their tracks. With advanced tools and know how, we can locate leaks with precision and meticulously excavate the area to allow access. We then use NC Plumbing Code-compliant materials and techniques to apply the necessary repairs.

Action Service Company is fully prepared to address underground leaks in residential, commercial, and municipal settings.

Underground water leaks must be addressed immediately. Do not wait. Call Statesville’s most trusted plumbing team for the professional service and results you need.