A sink full of soapy water to do the dishes. A relaxing shower after a long day. A load of grass-stained soccer gear for tomorrow’s game. For all of these normal household chores — and many more — we rely on a steady supply of hot water. And it costs us. Water heaters are one of your home’s biggest power eaters. The energy-saving, cost-cutting solution: hybrid water heaters.

Make an Efficient Change

The water heater that’s tucked away in your garage or basement plays a not-so-hidden role on your utility bill. An electric model accounts for up to 18% of your household energy costs, and while gas units are more efficient, they, too, draw constant power to supply your home with hot water.

Switching to a hybrid water heater can slash your consumption — and your costs. Also called heat pump water heaters, these appliances use up to 63% less energy.

Instead of generating heat directly, hybrid water heaters use the heat from the surrounding air and transfer it to the tank. This delivers a steady supply, any time of day, while ensuring your unit is not working hard to keep hot water coming out of the tap.

During those times when there is a peak in usage (e.g. morning showers, evening baths, etc.), hybrid water heaters can be set to automatically switch over to electric resistance heat. This allows them to meet increased demand — so you get that hot shower you want.

Ready to increase efficiency and lower your utility bills? Give us a call to learn more about hybrid water heaters. Iredell County’s most trusted plumbers are here to help your home work smarter — not harder.