RPZ testingUnderstanding common plumbing myths may be straightforward, but what do you do when faced with the enigma of backflow protection for your multi-unit residential or commercial plumbing systems?

Backflow in a plumbing system is a complex issue that, if left uncontrolled, may cause significant difficulties for the health of your family and company patrons, not to mention your bank account. We are here to ensure that you have the proper valves put in your system and the annual testing mandatedto maintain your water lines safe and free of contaminated water.

What Is Backflow?

Backflow is a sensitive topic, especially when it comes to commercial plumbing or plumbing in multi-unit housing. When considering water lines, it is critical to consider how water flows through the system and how to prevent contaminated water from "back flowing" into pure water lines. Backflow can occur at any point where clean and unclean warty lines intersect. 

Significant variations in water pressure, such as a ruptured water main, are the most common cause. Backflow can contain everything from human waste to chemicals and cleaners, all of which are hazardous to one's health.

Backflow Prevention

Because of the seriousness of the risks posed by backflow, safety valves are placed to prevent it. When there is a significant shift in water pressure, a valve closes, preventing tainted water from accessing the clean water supply. It is critical that this device be installed and tested by a professional.

RPZ Testing

RPZ (Reduced Pressure Zone) testing ensures that contaminated groundwater does not enter your plumbing system. Backflow prevention assemblies must be put on all cross-connections to ensure the safety of the water supply, and they must be checked and certified on an annual basis. 

Municipalities may punish you or cut off your water supply if you fail to have your water supply checked at the required intervals. A licensed plumber with special certificates must perform RPZ testing.

If you are in need of your annual RPZ test in Troutman, NC, and could benefit from a licensed and insured plumbing company with decades of experience, the team at Action Service Company, LLC will make sure you are well taken care of.  We are here to make sure that your RPZ test is done quickly and professionally. 

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