functioning kitchenKnowing your way around common plumbing myths may be a simple task, but what do you do when facing the mystery of backflow prevention for your multi-unit residential or commercial plumbing systems? Backflow in a plumbing system is a complex issue and, when left unchecked, can lead to serious problems for the health of your family business patrons, let alone your checkbook. 

We are here to make sure that you have the correct valves installed in your system, as well as the annual testing required by Iredell County to keep your water lines safe and free of contaminated water.

What Is Backflow?

Backflow is a touchy subject, especially in relation to commercial plumbing or plumbing in multi-unit housing. Something extremely important when thinking about water lines is how water moves through the system and how to keep contaminated water from “backflowing” into clean water lines. Backflow can occur at any cross-connection between clean and dirty water lines. 

It is most often caused by significant changes in water pressure, such as a burst water main. Backflow can contain anything from human waste to chemicals and cleaners, all posing serious health concerns.

Backflow Prevention

Because of the seriousness of the hazards posed by backflow, safety valves are installed to prevent backflow from happening. When a drastic change in water pressure occurs, a valve will close and stop contaminated water from entering the clean water supply. 

It is important that this device is properly installed and tested by a professional

RPZ Testing

RPZ (Reduced Pressure Zone) testing ensures that your plumbing system doesn't allow any contaminated groundwater into your plumbing. These backflow prevention assemblies must be installed on all cross-connections to keep the water supply safe and are to be tested and certified annually. 

If you fail to get your water supply tested at the required interval, municipalities may fine you or cut off your water supply. RPZ testing must be done by a licensed plumber with special certifications.

If you are in need of an RPZ test in Statesville, NC, and could benefit from a licensed and insured plumbing company with decades of experience, the team at Action Service Company, LLC will take good care of you. We are here to make sure that your RPZ test is taken care of quickly and professionally. 

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