RPZ Backflow Testing Statesville NCStatesville was once a sleepy southern town in the piedmont. However, if you have spent any time here, you know that we are growing and bustling more than ever. New homes, neighborhoods, and businesses are being constructed seemingly daily. There is no shortage of things to love about our northern Iredell County town:

Whatever brought you to Statesville, if you own property here, you have an excellent investment. Residential and commercial buildings are growing in value, so you want to make sure you are taking steps to ensure it is properly maintained. Not only is maintenance important for your property's value, but it is also vital to ensuring the safety of your family, guests, and customers. Statesville is committed to caring for its residents and visitors. 

The town of Statesville is committed to protecting its residents and visitors from the dangers of dirty drinking water. That is why the city requires annual testing of backflow prevention devices by certified RPZ and backflow testers. Here is what you need to know about backflow from the certified backflow testing plumbers at Action Service Company LLC.

What is Backflow?

Backflow is the term used to describe what happens when non-potable water flows back into your house or commercial building's drinking water. There are two causes of backflow:

When dirty water mingles with that which we consume, there are frightening possibilities for your family or business's customers. 

How to Prevent Backflow

From Statesville's website:

"To protect our public water supply, backflow prevention assemblies (devices that prevent the backflow of water into the public water system) are required for all businesses connected to the City's water supply. These assemblies help protect the City's drinking water from any back-pressure backflow and back-siphonage backflow."

Even a single occurrence of backflow can lead to serious problems for families and customers. Fortunately, RPZ prevention systems help stop it. These valves allow water to pass through in one direction but prevent it from returning to the drinking supply. By creating an impenetrable sealed barrier, these valves help  prevent dirty, disease-ridden water from entering your home or business's water supply. They are only effective as long as they are in proper working order. That is why Statesville requires annual RPZ and backflow testing. 

Certified RPZ Backflow Testing Plumbers in Statesville, NC.

Backflow testing is a relatively quick process for an experienced plumber. However, it is intricate and vital to health and safety; therefore, only those with the proper certifications are allowed to perform it in and around Statesville. Action Service Company LLC is an experienced certified backflow testing plumber in Statesville, NC. 

If you need RPZ/backflow testing in the Statesville area, Action Service Company LLC is here to help. It is our mission to serve our customers and community as much as possible; therefore, we have worked hard to maintain a host of certifications and licenses, including backflow testing. We have been Iredell County's trusted plumbing professionals for nearly thirty years. With a combined sixty years of plumbing experience, our team is ready to help with whatever your plumbing needs may be. From installation to repair, we can sort out any of your plumbing needs. Contact the team of professional plumbers here at Action Service Company LLC for more information about certified backflow testing in Statesville, NC.