RPZ Backflow Testing Mooresville NCIf we said Mooresville is always under construction, we doubt anyone would argue with us. What was once a sleepy town in central Iredell County has become one of the fastest-growing cities in the state. With a population just shy of 10,000 in 1990, Mooresville has exploded to almost forty thousand in the last three decades. It is not just new people, but many new businesses have called the area home as well. From large corporations to mom-and-pop restaurants, commercial growth has complemented the influx of residents. What is it that makes Race City so attractive?

Preserving and protecting your Mooresville area property is vital. You have made an investment in your home or business that you want to ensure returns what it should. Routinely testing your plumbing systems for backflow is key to ensuring the water on your property is safe for your family, guests, or customers. Not just anyone can perform RPZ/Backflow testing. Action Services Company is certified to test for backflow in Mooresville, Iredell County, and throughout the surrounding area. 

What You Need to Know About RPZ and Backflow in Mooresville, NC

Action Services is committed to helping Mooresville area residents and businesses take measures to prevent backflow issues. 

What is backflow?

Backflow occurs when water from within your house or commercial property enters the drinking water. 

Backsiphonage: When water pressure drops, especially suddenly, it can lead to backsiphonage. When a water main breaks, it can lead to a rapid drop in pressure, causing dirty water to be sucked back into the system. 

Backpressure: Almost the opposite of backsiphonage, when there is too much pressure downstream compared to the water source. This pressure can force unclean water back into the drinking water supply. 

Whether it's due to backsiphonage or backpressure, backflow can cause significant issues when it occurs. 

Why is backflow a problem? 

Diseases: If backflow is allowing your sewage to re-enter the water supply, occupants of your property could be susceptible to a number of dangerous diseases, including: 

These diseases can cause flu-like systems and substantial nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. For this reason alone, backflow is something to be taken seriously. 

Heavy Metals: More common in public spaces such as restaurants, backflow can actually deteriorate the copper in soda dispensers, leading to the potential for heavy metal poisoning. Lead, arsenic, and chromium can also make their way into the drinking water supply. This situation can be dangerous for those exposed to it. 

Contaminating Chemicals: Backflow can allow chemicals like those used in pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and others can enter the drinking water. Obviously, these can be harmful to humans and animals when consumed in the water. 

How to prevent backflow: 

Companies and homeowners must do what it takes to prevent backflow. Reduced Pressure Zone (RPZ) values are the most effective tool against backflow. These valves allow water to pass through in one direction but prevent it from returning to the drinking supply. They create a pocket of impenetrable air that blocks the potential backflow as long as it is working properly. 

RPZ/Backflow Testing in Mooresville

The town of Mooresville takes the need for proper backflow prevention seriously:

"To ensure that the required backflow preventer is functioning properly. Mechanical backflow preventers are an assembly with springs and moving parts and are used in situations where an air gap cannot be used. Over time and continuous wear, these assemblies will fail or need parts replaced. When an assembly fails, it is no longer preventing backflow from occurring. Annual testing and inspection ensure that the assemblies are kept in working condition."

While backflow testing can be done relatively quickly, it is an intricate and precise process. If performed improperly, property owners would not be aware of potentially dangerous backflow issues in their water supply. In Mooresville, only certified backflow testers are allowed to test RPZs and backflow prevention systems. 

Action Services Company – Certified Mooresville Backflow Testing 

If you need RPZ/backflow testing in Mooresville and central Iredell County, Action Services Company has you covered. We have worked hard to maintain a host of certifications and licenses, including backflow testing. Furthermore, we have decades of experience performing plumbing installation and repairs on businesses and homes throughout the region. Whether you need more information about backflow testing, plumbing projects, pipe repair, maintenance, or anything plumbing-related, Action Service Company LLC is here to answer your questions. Contact our trusted plumbers. We are here to help Mooresville businesses and residents stay safe and maintain excellent plumbing systems.