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Residential Plumbing Contractor Olin NCSet among the rolling hills of northern Iredell County, Olin, NC, has a proud and storied history in the piedmont of North Carolina. On the edge of the foothills, you can see the Blue Ridge Mountains from many parts of the community. The post office was established in 1852, and the township was founded in 1856. However, before that, the area was known as the Middle Fork of the Rocky Creek. It has always been a quiet place where families could live peacefully. In the last several decades, Iredell County has grown substantially, nearly doubling since 1990. Olin, Union Grove, and the communities on the north have welcomed many new residents and businesses. Just a few of the factors that attract people to Olin include: 

Northern Iredell County has numerous amenities. If you are building or renovating a home or commercial property in Olin, you can benefit from a trustworthy plumbing contractor. Here is how Action Service Company, LLC can help with your plumbing contracting needs. 

The Benefits of Hiring a Plumbing Contractor in Olin, NC

If you are working on new construction or a renovation project in Olin, there are many benefits to hiring a plumbing contractor:

Action Service Company, LCC has a number of important licenses, including:

We started serving the Statesville, Olin, and northern Iredell County area back in 1994; however, we have been plumbing for years before that. There is hardly a project that we have not seen. From kitchen and bathroom renovations to new houses and subdivisions, we have a wealth of experience on professional plumbing contracting projects. If you are searching for a plumbing contractor in the Statesville and Olin, NC, area, we are here to help. Contact us for more information about plumbing repair, installation, and maintenance in northern Iredell County.