Residential Plumbing Contractor HarmonyLocated at the intersection of Highway 901 and Highway 21, Harmony is aptly named as one of the most peaceful places in Iredell County. While people have been present in the area for centuries, the town was officially incorporated in 1927. The town has experienced growth in the last few decades. Every community in Iredell County has grown, with the population of the county as a whole doubling since 1990. Still, it remains a quiet and harmonious place to live and raise a family. 

It is as beautiful as it is peaceful. Harmony is on the edge of the North Carolina foothills, with views throughout the town of landmarks like Pilot Mountain and the Blue Ridge Mountains. It is also convenient to many of the places people go for work and recreation, including: 

If you have found yourself in Harmony, you may be building or renovating a home in Harmony; you will need a residential plumbing contractor you can trust. Here is how your Harmony residential project can benefit from the steady hand of a plumbing contractor such as Action Service Company, LLC. 

Why You Need a Residential Plumbing Contractor in Harmony, NC

One of the key benefits of having a residential plumbing contractor is knowing you have professional plumbers who can take on whatever the project throws at them. With the right licenses in place, plumbing contractors can improve speed and efficiency by making some repairs beyond plumbing, pulling their own permits, and bringing expertise to the table. Some of the projects that benefit from bringing in plumbing contractors like Action Service Company, LLC include, but are not limited to: 

Do you have a project in northern Iredell County that would benefit from the experience and expertise of a plumbing contractor? The team at Action Service Company, LLC has decades of experience and all the licenses your residential renovation project could need. We are here to help make sure your plumbing repair and installation needs are taken care of professionally. Contact us for more information about residential plumbing contracting in Harmony and northern Iredell County, NC.