bathroom plumbing issuesHot water for showers and washing dishes. Cool water for drinking. Flushing toilets, sound pipes, safe systems. These are all features we take for granted in our homes until something goes wrong until something goes bump in the night (in the form of a big, nasty leak or a malfunctioning water heater). It is important to perform regular maintenance on your plumbing system - and to have a Plan B in case you need repairs, replacements, and emergency help. Iredell County’s most trusted plumber, Action Service Company LLC, is here to help. 

Statesville, NC’s Top Plumbing Experts 

As they say, the best defense is a good offense. For the experienced plumbers of Action Service Company LLC, this means ensuring that your systems are in good working condition year-round. Whether this means inspecting your water heater in anticipation of a busy holiday season, checking for leaks and cracks after a long winter, or repiping your home to avoid corrosion-related issues and improve water quality, we have the knowledge and expertise required to handle any job.

Action Service Company LLC. is also your go-to when you experience plumbing problems, such as leaky pipes and faucets, broken water heater tanks, clogs, slow drains, and more. We are committed to catching issues before they grow into big - expensive - problems, as well as preventing and/or repairing the damage they may cause. Our team holds a number of licenses in different applications, including general contracting, utilities, HVAC, and more. Our unique blend of licensure and experience ensures we can handle the biggest challenges; you can rest easier knowing we are just a phone call away for our valued Statesville, NC customers.

Do not hesitate to contact Action Service Co. for all of your plumbing needs. We will prove why we are Iredell County and Statesville’s most trusted plumbers!