water heating slowlyIt's hard to think Statesville is part of one of the South's greatest urban regions when you see the rolling hills and adjacent mountains. It's a lovely community in one of the most charming settings imaginable, yet it's also close enough to Uptown Charlotte for people to drive to work. 

More and more new residents are discovering Statesville to be the ideal place to live and raise their families in our quickly growing metro area. 

Here are some of the reasons why people are moving to northern Iredell County:

It is no wonder people are purchasing homes in the area. Many houses in our area are due for renovation. Here is how Action Service Company LLC can help.

Plumbing Renovations and Remodels in North Iredell County

The Statesville area is beloved by residents and companies. Since 1994, Action Service Company, LLC has been a proud part of this community. We have more than 60 years of licensed experience, with qualifications in a variety of fields. 

If you are planning a plumbing remodel project, our experience as plumbing contractors will help your team prepare and execute a successful renovation project.

Why You Need a Plumbing Contractor for Remodels

Here are some reasons why you should hire a reputable Statesville plumbing contractor:

We have written in more detail about plumbing for bathroom remodels here:

“A bathroom remodel is worth trusting professionals. Unless you've done the whole process before, it's always a good idea to involve a professional plumber. A plumbing mistake can damage more than just the bathroom you're remodeling.”

Plumbing Remodel Projects With Action Service Company, LLC in Statesville

If you are ready to take on a plumbing remodeling project in the Statesville area, Action Service Company, LLC is here to help. We are your trusted plumbing contractors, capable of taking on any number of plumbing remodeling tasks. 

Contact the experienced team here at Action Service Company, LLC for more information about bathroom, kitchen, and other plumbing remodel needs.