what kind of hot water heater should I chooseAction Service Company, LLC has been proudly based in Statesville, North Carolina, for many years. We love calling northern Iredell County home. It is exciting to live in a growing region. One industry that has shown no signs of slowing down is real estate. 

People are relocating to Statesville for many reasons, including the proximity to Charlotte and Winston-Salem, beautiful parks, excellent small businesses, and affordable housing prices. 

There is so much to do here in the Statesville area; you do not have time to keep up with all your chores at home. However, when it comes to homeownership in Iredell County, there is always something to repair or maintain. 

For those living in this busy time  you may tend to focus on the squeakiest wheel. The problem with that is some of your largest and most important plumbing systems are out-of-sight, out-of-mind. 

Typically located in a garage, attic, or basement, plumbing systems like your water heater and pipes may be showing signs of needing maintenance and repair long before you notice. 

Here is what you need to know about plumbing maintenance in Statesville and Iredell County. 

Water Heater Repair and Maintenance in Statesville NC

A traditional, tank-style water heater typically lasts between 8-12 years, and in some rare cases, up to 15 years if it is well-maintained. 

If it is time to repair your water heater, it will begin to show signs, such as:

Other plumbing maintenance needs include:

Water Heater Repair Statesville | Action Service Company, LLC

Your water heater may be the second-highest energy user in your home. That means, when it is not working properly, it will waste a lot of electricity and money. 

When it or other plumbing systems malfunction, you could be looking at extensive damage and costly repairs. Plumbing issues often result in a domino effect of water damage and the development of organic growth. 

Get the most life and efficiency from your plumbing systems by contacting the team at Action Serivce Company, LLC for repairs and maintenance