Maintenance for Your Outdoor Plumbing Systems in Statesville, NCStaying on top of outdoor plumbing maintenance is just as important as taking care of the pipes, faucets, and drains inside. It can be a bit more challenging, though, if you have a large area. And, of course, weather and the elements can cause issues, and you may not notice until the damage has become extensive - and expensive. Statesville, North Carolina’s most trusted plumbers are here to help. From routine maintenance to major repairs to emergencies, our experienced team is the right choice for your needs.

Maintenance for Your Outdoor Plumbing Systems in Statesville, NC

Action Service Company can help keep your outdoor plumbing in good repair. This includes:

We are also equipped to handle commercial and municipal jobs, including water mains, fire hydrants, sewer manholes, storm drains, and Reduced Pressure Zone (RPZ) installation and backflow prevention.

Routine outdoor plumbing maintenance will allow you to enjoy access to water and drainage outdoors - and help prevent problems from cropping up inside. For example, if you have a broken water pipe buried underneath your yard, this can cause water to create a “geyser” and shoot several feet into the air. This can cause flooding and water damage to surrounding buildings. 

For maximum convenience, efficiency, and, of course, safety, contact the Action Service Company team today. We have been proudly serving Statesville and Iredell County residents, businesses, and municipal agencies since 1994, and our people have over 60 years of licensed experience. We can tackle any tough plumbing problem - outdoors or in.

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