functioning garbage disposalWho would have guessed that when John W. Hammes invented the first garbage disposal in Racine, WI over 90 years ago, it would become an item present in so many homes throughout the world? 

Garbage disposals are useful appliances for homeowners, and many people around Lake Norman, North Carolina, have them in their homes. They are a great addition for residents and make cleaning up in the kitchen a breeze.

Garbage disposals, like any other household device, can often malfunction. These failures often result in nasty odors, electrical concerns, and plumbing problems in your kitchen. If you live in Iredell County and are having problems with your garbage disposal, call Action Service Company, LLC today at (704) 872-4747.

How Does a Garbage Disposal Work?

Garbage disposals are sink-mounted appliances that collect solid food waste in what is essentially a grinding chamber. Solid food is ground down by a fast-spinning impeller plate that slams food waste against the outside wall of the grinding chamber. 

The food is broken down into small pieces and then washed away by water through the chamber wall's perforations and down the drain.

Common Garbage Disposal Issues

When something goes wrong with your garbage disposal, it may be due to some sort of blockage in the system. However, various other issues could emerge that would require immediate attention, such as:

While it may appear to be easier to fix the problem yourself, you are probably better off contacting a professional specialist to handle garbage disposal repairs in the long run. Calling a reputable, expert technician to diagnose problems with your garbage disposal may be a safer way to go. 

Action Service Company, LLC employs highly experienced service professionals who can promptly pinpoint the source of your trash disposal problem and properly repair or replace your old garbage disposal with a new one.

If you have garbage disposal repair or service needs around Lake Norman, NC, and could benefit from a licensed and insured plumbing company with decades of experience, the technicians at Action Service Company, LLC are ready to take care of business. We are here to make sure that all of your plumbing repair and service needs are taken care of quickly and professionally. 

For more information or to schedule a repair, contact the incredible team at Action Service Company, LLC today.