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frozen pipes Iredell county ncJust twenty minutes from Mooresville, thirty minutes from Hickory, and forty minutes from Charlotte, Statesville is a great town with a convenient location. New residents and old know that Statesville has a bustling downtown with many shops and restaurants as well as a fun disc golf course and several great biking trails. Nevertheless, our town is about as far north as you can live in the Charlotte metro area, and with a slightly higher elevation than the Queen City and its South Carolina suburbs, north Iredell County often experiences the coldest low temperatures in the area.

Statesville residents can expect low temperatures to dip below freezing fifty to sixty times each year, with several nights below twenty. The mercury occasionally dips into the single digits. When extreme cold invades Iredell County, it is important to guard against frozen pipes.

Prevent Frozen Pipes in Iredell County, NC

Some tips for preventing frozen pipes include:

  1. Keep your kitchen and bathroom cabinets open, so warm This allows warm air to circulate around your pipes.
  2. When temperatures dip into the low 20’s and teens, allow your faucets to drip.
  3. Do not lower your thermostat at the same temperature at night. Allow your heating system to help keep your pipes warm.
  4. Even if you’re not going to be home for an extended period of time, set the thermostat to at least 55-degrees.
  5. Consider heating tape or pipe insulation for exposed pipes. Be sure to carefully follow instructions.
  6. Keep your exterior doors, including the garage, closed throughout winter.

These tips will help keep your pipes from freezing; however, even following these steps will not guarantee you won’t experience frozen pipes. If your pipes do freeze, do not panic. Give Action Services a call. We are professional plumbers, serving the Statesville area for decades. We will be happy to respond and help get your water flowing again.