Drain Lines Statesville NCStatesville has grown by almost 63% in the past three decades. One look at our vibrant downtown, and you can tell we have become something special that attracts thousands of new residents every year. There is a lot to love about northern Iredell County. Some of what brings people to our area include:

Whether you are a lifelong resident of the area or have recently found this hidden gem in the piedmont, protecting your home and/or business is vital for you and your family. Property prices are not as explosive here as in other parts of the Charlotte-Metro area; however, they are increasing steadily. With the right maintenance on systems such as plumbing, your house or commercial building can be worth much more than when you acquired it. When it comes to issues with your drain lines in your Statesville home or business, you need to take every step possible to ensure they are repaired properly. You can trust your drain line de-clogging and repairs to the expert team at Action Service Company LLC.

Drain Line Plumbing Statesville, NC

What do you expect out of your drains? While they are generally out-of-sight, out-of-mind, if you have any expectation of your drains, it is that they will take water out of your home into your sewer lines. From there, you expect the sewer line to take wastewater to the town's sewer system and water treatment. However, you probably are not giving it much thought until there is an issue, such as:

If it seems that all of your drains are malfunctioning simultaneously, it could be indicative of your issue with your main sewer line. 

Whatever your drain issue, you need it dealt with immediately. If allowed to persist, you could end up with leaking, broken pipes, and extensive damage to your plumbing systems. Furthermore, water damage from leaky pipes can lead to expensive repair needs. For your clogged or malfunctioning drains, trust the hometown experts at Action Service Company LLC in Statesville. We have decades of experience and a number of key licenses including utilities. If you have any drain line issues in northern Iredell County, contact the team at Action Service Company LLC.