Common Bathroom Plumbing Issues

Saturday, 29 August 2020 18:37

The Five Most Common Bathroom Plumbing Issues and How You Can Avoid Them

Plumbing issues... they come in all shapes and sizes, and while some require a professional touch, others can be a weekend DIY project. Understanding what you might face in your home can help you better prepare for the problems you might be facing and help you understand exactly what you can do to prevent a problem down the line.

What You Need to Know About Water Heater Repair, Replacement, and Installation 

There are many aspects of our homes that we take for granted: being able to take a warm shower or give our kids a bath. Washing a sinkful of dishes or putting in a load of laundry. While these are seen as “chores,” they can quickly begin to feel like luxuries when there is an issue with your water heater. Going without hot water is an inconvenience, and it can make your daily life a lot more difficult. What do you need to know about water heater repair, replacement, and installation?

April Showers and Outdoor Plumbing

Wednesday, 20 May 2020 23:00

You'll first start to notice it as water drains more slowly in your sink and bathtub. Before long, you're finding all your household drains are pooling. You'll start to see water back up into the home. Next comes the sewage gurgling up from your tub drains. You're unable to take a shower because there's no place for the water to go. Sooner or later, the reality hits you: you have clogged drains and your home is at risk for severe damage.

Spring Plumbing Maintenance Musts 

Wednesday, 22 April 2020 17:54

What’s on your spring cleaning to-do list? Washing the windows? Deep cleaning the carpets? Clearing out the garage or sprucing up your deck? All great tasks - but don’t forget to give your plumbing some attention. We know… it’s not the most fun job, but it’s one that is well worth it! Tackling these spring plumbing maintenance musts will help you avoid unnecessary hassles, inconveniences, and expenses down the road. 

What You Can and Cannot Flush

Friday, 20 March 2020 11:44

A lot has changed for Iredell County residents in the last two weeks. Our heartfelt sympathies go out to anyone who has been affected by the coronavirus and COVID-19, as well as those who are experiencing work interruptions. One thing we did not expect is the prolonged shortage of basic necessities and cleaning products such as toilet paper. Nevertheless, Statesville area paper product shelves are bare and have been so for several weeks as shoppers attempt to restock.

Unfortunately, with a toilet paper shortage, you may be considering alternatives that either will not flush or cause major issues when you send them down your plumbing system. At Action Plumbing, we want to spare you from flushing your hard-earned money down the toilet, so in this article, we are discussing what can and cannot be flushed, and what to do if you see the wrong things spiraling down.