Summer is here and is the ideal time to check out your plumbing system to ensure that everything is working correctly. Even though the honey-do lists seem to be piling up, your plumbing should not be set aside for a later date. 

Summer events can be extremely messy, requiring extra use out of your plumbing. More time with friends and family, pools are filled up, and all of these things can negatively impact your plumbing. 

Here are six plumbing items to check in your home this summer.

We all run into plumbing problems from time to time in our homes and offices, and in a lot of cases, we think to ourselves that it can easily be done without the help of a professional. “How hard can it be?” are often famous last words before a DIY project goes wrong. 

While it is possible to take on plumbing projects on your own, several things must be taken into account. We have put together a quick guide on when you should consider hiring a professional plumber instead of going the do-it-yourself route. 

Rainfall amounts totaling one inch and higher were common throughout Iredell County last year. Even though we have experienced drought in the past, excess rainfall can create major issues for your home and yard. 

As we enter the rainiest months of the year this spring, it is imperative to understand the possibility of the multitude of serious issues that excess rainfall can create. Anything from broken pipes, flooded yards, clogged storm drains, and flooded basements are some of the more costly symptoms of excess rainfall. 

When it comes time to start looking at projects for your spring honey-do list, the dreaded plumbing projects are often some of the most intimidating. Whether changing out a fixture or cleaning out your garbage disposal, homeowners are typically very likely to put off taking care of the plumbing systems in the home due to the complexity, and possibilities of doing real damage. 

With a little bit of know-how and an understanding of limits, homeowners may DIY some plumbing projects without causing flooding or other issues. 

Here are nine essential tips that every homeowner should know.

We are of the age of some of the best regulated and safest home building practices in the history of humanity. While that may sometimes be frustrating, having little to worry about when it comes to the safety of your friends, family, patrons, renters, or whoever else is in your circle is worth the extra steps.