The Cost of Sewer Main Cleaning

Tuesday, 25 May 2021 23:11
The Cost of Sewer Main Cleaning

Your home is a series of interdependent systems that work together to keep you and your family comfortable. When it comes to plumbing, you need everything to function properly to ensure your water is fresh and clean. While we think a lot about what our water is like coming into homes, we may not think as much about it leaving. We want to make sure our water is clean and fresh in our faucets, but we don’t really care what it is like going through our drains. However, your sewer main can actually impact your home’s water supply. Sewer mains perform an essential function and can cause catastrophic issues when it fails. In this article, we are providing the information you need to determine when to have your sewer main cleaned. 


The Purpose of Your Sewer Main

Understanding the purpose of your home’s sewer main will help you know when and how to act when issues arise. The water that goes into your drains is dirty. That is an understatement. Your sewer main is what takes that dirty water from your toilets and showers away from your house to your town's sewer line. From there, the water travels to a water treatment plant, where it will eventually be recycled. Your sewer line's functionality is vital to ensuring that the water flowing inside your home is clean.

How a Sewer Main Gets Clogged

A clog is an obstruction that prevents water from passing through the sewer main. Clogs are typically caused by things that should not be flushed or allowed to go down drains, such as:

  • Paper towels and other non-flushing paper products
  • Moist toilets and baby wipes
  • Hygiene products
  • Accidently flushed small toys
  • Accumulation of hair
  • Grease and oil that should not be poured down drains

Cooking grease is a common culprit of sewer main clogs. Occasionally tree roots will penetrate your sewer main and cause problems. 

What Happens When a Sewer Main Gets Clogged

When your sewer main is clogged, it can cause a number of issues, including:

  • Water backing up into your floor drains
  • Water backing up into your showers and sinks
  • Horrific foul odors in your home and yard
  • Ponding of sewage sludge water in your yard
  • Water damage and excess moisture in your house and basement

The bottom line, if your sewer line needs to be cleaned, there are several inconvenient signs. You do not want to wait to have it cleaned. 

The Cost of Sewer Main Cleaning

There is no time to waste when your sewer main is clogged or draining slowly. You could be looking at potentially catastrophic damage if the issue is allowed to linger. 

Snaking: Sewer main snakes are similar to drain snakes. A snake is a long flexible auger used to work its way through the sewer main and free it of the materials causing the clog. While typical sewer main snaking costs around $200-$250, a particularly complicated clog may cost more. 

Hydro jetting: This process is the most effective means by which plumbers remove sewer main clogs. Hydro jetting uses a hose fitted with a high-pressure nozzle that can penetrate the clog and send away the material, causing it almost entirely. Most hydro jetting is going to cost between $350 and $600.  

The Cost of Failing to Have Your Sewer Main Cleaned

If your sewer main remains clogged for any length of time, it can lead to a domino effect of problems. While most sewer main cleanings cost hundreds of dollars, replacement can cost thousands of dollars. That does not include the cost of repairs that may need to be made to flooded outbuildings. Nor does it include landscaping and replacement sod. Allowing a sewer line clog to linger can also cause issues inside your home. Water may be backing up into your floor drains, shower drains, and toilets. This leads to potentially expensive water damage and creates an environment conducive to the development of organic growth. 

If you suspect you have a clogged sewer main line, you cannot afford to wait to have it cleaned. The professional plumbers here at Action Service Company, LLC is here to help. We can perform your sewer main cleaning quickly and efficiently. We have the experience and expertise you can trust. Contact Action Service Company, LLC today for more information about sewer main cleaning and other plumbing repairs and installations.