Summer Plumbing Problems in Iredell County, NC

Tuesday, 01 June 2021 10:25
Summer Plumbing Problems in Iredell County, NC

Summer is in full swing in Iredell County, North Carolina. We have already experienced hot temperatures with high humidity. You can count on being within striking distance of a pop-up thunderstorm or shower. Your air conditioning is probably running nonstop. But the summer months are often a sweet opportunity to spend time with your family. 

Your kids are making memories at the pool and at camp while you brave the mosquitos to cook on the grill. It is the perfect weather for getting out in a boat on Lake Norman or exploring the trails in the state park on a mountain bike. 

For many people in Statesville and Mooresville, this is the best time of year. However, there are some common summer plumbing issues of which home and property owners need to be aware. Here are the top 6.


6 Summer Plumbing Concerns for Statesville and Iredell County

Here are six summer plumbing maintenance concerns for our area. 

1) Hose Connections and Drainage Concerns

You may go all winter without using your hose or sprinklers. However, by the time you get to spring and summer, they are running wide open. There are a number of reasons you need your hose and sprinklers during the warm season:

  • To irrigate your garden, lawn, and landscaping
  • To give your pets a bath
  • To cool off the kids 
  • To supply water for inflatables and slip and slides
  • To wash your mountain bike, kayak, boat, and car

If you have hose or sprinkler issues, they can lead to many other problems, such as:

  • Significant water usage that costs money
  • Wasting water that would otherwise be used for better purposes 
  • Creating puddles that contribute to flooding
  • Developing areas that attract mosquitos for breeding
  • Damage to your home due to cracked pipe housing in the wall that is unseen.

2) Overworked Appliances 

Summer is a time for family. With the family home more often, you may find that your house is a central meeting place for a lot of friends as well. The influx of people and warmth of the season are causing your appliances to get a workout in a number of ways, including:

  • More dishes making you use your dishwater more frequently 
  • More remains in your garbage disposal 
  • More opening and closing of the refrigerator and freezer
  • More dirty clothes contributing to an increased usage of the washing machine
  • More showers which contribute to a higher demand on your water heater

Be mindful of your overworked appliances and make sure you are quick to schedule repairs. 

3) Water Heater Maintenance 

While you think of summer as a time you need water to cool yourself down, it is actually often a season of increased water heater usage here in Iredell County. When was the last time your water heater was maintained? Without proper maintenance, your water heater may have a number of issues, including:

  • Sediment building within the tank 
  • Heating coils malfunctioning
  • Failure to heat the water as quickly as it should
  • Leaking water causing you to have lower water pressure
  • Dripping pressure relief valve
  • Failed thermal expansion tank

Make sure your water heater is in proper working order by having it inspected and maintained by a professional plumber. 

4) Leaking Toilets and Pipes

Leaking toilets and pipes are a problem all year. During summer, when your plumbing is being used even more than usual, the effects of damaged plumbing systems will be magnified. A single leaky toilet can waste thousands of gallons of water a year. The same is true for damaged pipes. Do not let summer pass without having these repaired. 

5) Humidity and Water Damage 

Humidity outside can make your yard feel like a sauna. But did you know humidity can be an issue inside your home? Not only is it present, but excess moisture can lead to water damage and organic growth. Humidity issues are exasperated by leaking pipes and appliances. Avoiding issues related to excess moisture is another reason to be quick to find leaks and have them repaired. 

Are you seeing water on the outside of your toilet tank? In the summertime, cold water from a well may cause condensation on the tank, if the humidity level is too high in your home.

6) Drains and Sewer Line Issues

Drains are as important as water supply pipes. During summer, with increased usage on your plumbing, you may expect drains to become clogged more easily. Drains take the wastewater away from your home. If your drains get clogged, or you have issues with your sewer line, it can be expensive and harmful for your family. If your drains or sewer lines are showing signs of being clogged or damaged, you need to have them cleaned and repaired as soon as possible. 

If you have plumbing problems or concerns this summer, you need a professional plumbing company you can trust. The team at Action Service Company, LLC has been around for many warm seasons. We have substantial experience with summer plumbing problems in Iredell County. We have the expertise and licensing to help on a number of plumbing repair and installation projects. Whether you need a new water heater, leaky pipes repaired, or any other plumbing issue, contact the professional plumbers at Action Service Company, LLC