Planning Your Spring Kitchen Remodel

Wednesday, 27 March 2019 18:38
Planning Your Spring Kitchen Remodel

You're excited for your kitchen remodel. You've been planning it for a while. You designed the new layout, chose materials, and figured out the schedule. It's been really fun to think about. Now you have to actually do it. Suddenly, it becomes a bit (or a lot!) less fun. Now it's a giant list of tasks. You're not going out to pick materials anymore; now you're hoping your kitchen doesn't get flooded with thousands of dollars worth of damage. What do you need to know about preparing your plumbing for a kitchen remodel?

Relax! We’ve got you covered!



The most important step is communication. Don't assume everyone you work with is on the same page or knows what the other one will do. If you're using a general contractor, tell them you want to know exactly what you need to tell the plumber. If the plumber has questions, make sure these get relayed to the contractor. They each need to know what the other's doing. If you're acting as the middleman, you must ensure the communication is clear.

What Gets Moved

A kitchen remodel usually involves moving a number of fixtures. This means plumbing and electricity alike will have to be routed in new ways. Look at each change you're making. Figure out what moves will be necessary to make it all work. Double-check to make sure you're not doing something unnecessary or overcomplicated.

Sorting Out the Plumbing

The plumber needs to reroute water in your kitchen early in the process. Make sure you've scheduled this properly. You'd be surprised at how many people get the contractor entirely in order but don't coordinate with the plumber on when to come. Some people double-book them at the same time, but they can't do their work at the same time.

Schedule and Confirm

Plumbers can be very busy, so if you're late on organizing everything, it can have a ripple effect. Postponing by a few days because you forgot to schedule the plumber can seem like a small delay. Yet that small delay can complicate the contractor's timeline, which might result in your job running up against another job they have scheduled – which results in even more delays.

This is how jobs that should take a short amount of time end up going weeks or even months over and you're stuck with a half-finished kitchen during that time. One of the most common causes of this is because one of the needed expert services wasn't scheduled correctly.

Modern Materials

When you remodel your kitchen, replace any older materials with newer plumbing materials. Iron pipes should be replaced with PVC, for instance. This upgrades the materials and also makes any future adjustments, remodels, or reroutings easier and less expensive to pull off.


Anything with water running to it should have a shut-off. This includes the fridge, sink, and dishwasher. If you can't use appliance-specific shut-offs, at the very least you must have a shut-off that cuts water to your entire home. The more precise your shut-offs are, like when they're device-specific, the more easily you'll be able to handle any leaks in the future.

If your dishwasher one day develops a leak, for example, and you can simply use the dishwasher shut-off, you can still use everything else in your home. If all you have is a whole home shut-off, then anyone appliance or pipe developing a leak means turning off water to your entire home. Take advantage of the remodel to install shut-offs that give you more precise control over each appliance.


Where you incorporate new fixtures, you'll need added plumbing. Make sure you've discussed every appliance you'll use in the remodeled kitchen – whether they're rerouted or added. Sometimes a homeowner only discusses one or the other, and this leaves the plumber with an incomplete picture. Any late changes or additions means the plumber will also have to change their plan, so make sure they're notified of adjustments you make from the original plan.

Plumbing is a Focus

Plumbing is the lifeblood of your kitchen. If it's not done right, your kitchen doesn't work. If it's not complete, the remodel can't be finished. Don't set plumbing to the side or consider it less important than all the pieces of the remodel you can see. Plumbing takes professional planning and installation.

You've probably spent tons of time choosing cabinetry, new fixtures, looking at counter materials and designs – and there's nothing wrong with that. That's the fun part! Plumbing is a bit more work, but the great part is you can leave it in a professional's expert hands. It just means that professional needs to know what you need, plan ahead with you, and have the scheduled time to make sure it gets done well. For your kitchen remodeling project in the Statesville area, contact the professional plumbers at Action Services Company.