Planning Your Spring Bathroom Remodel

Wednesday, 27 February 2019 16:57
Planning Your Spring Bathroom Remodel

Spring is the perfect time to remodel parts of your home. The cold of winter has gone away, and the heat and humidity of summer aren't yet on you. Even in an air-conditioned home, those factors can make a big difference. When you look at your bathroom remodel, familiarize yourself with all your options. If it's been a while since the last time you had to remodel a bathroom, a few things have changed for the better.


Plan Ahead

As always, the single most important thing you can do to make your remodel go smoothly is to plan ahead. Perhaps you're working with a designer. Perhaps you're designing it yourself and you're looking for the right materials. Either way, a bathroom remodel is all about narrowing down your stylistic and material choices.

Use a stylebook or simply search online to find style elements that appeal to you. Showing up with visual aids can help you swiftly narrow down the search for the right elements.

This can also help you save money. Many flooring options and fixtures that cost a great deal have similar, less expensive versions that evoke the same style. A designer can help guide you toward options that replicate the style you want in a way that fits your budget.

Center on the Sink

The fixtures are what people will interact with most in a bathroom. Many will build the look from the floor up, but this isn't always the best approach. It's often easier to design from the fixtures out. If you find you're having trouble deciding on the right look with one approach, try the other and you may be able to make your decisions in a quicker and more satisfying way.

When it comes to the sink, drop-in sinks are great options. They're inexpensive, but because they drop in over the countertop, they can be a little tough to clean under the lip.

Alternately, consider an undermount sink. These are installed underneath the countertop. They can be a little more expensive, but they're still reasonable and they're easier to clean.

Vessel sinks are still another option. These are standalone bowls that sit on the countertop. They have a very bold look, so make sure it suits the bathroom's overall aesthetic.

Finally, integral sinks feature a sink and countertop that are all one piece. These are easy to install and allow some interesting material choice.

Those who are tight on space may consider pedestal sinks that stand on its own and takes up less room.

Choosing Materials

Always carefully consider the materials you choose. For instance, a bathroom is exposed to water and humidity on a regular basis. This means natural hardwood is usually a bad idea. Engineered wood is a slightly better idea, but still not the best choice. The best flooring choice is porcelain tile. Other good options include ceramic tile, sheet vinyl, or natural stone that's been textured.

These days, many flooring materials can be made to emulate other types of flooring in look. Porcelain slab can take a wide variety of appearances, ranging from incredibly unique artistic designs to a rustic hardwood look.

For sinks, vitreous china is the most common and proven material. Metal can work if it fits the look – stainless steel and copper are the best choices. Cultured marble is a high-end choice that's popular, but be aware the material can be scratched. Some choose glass for a unique look that sets a bathroom apart. Just be aware it's a fragile material and probably not the best choice for a family home.

Your choice of material can make a big difference. Sheet vinyl flooring will need replacement after 20 years, whereas properly cleaned and maintained porcelain tile can last 100 years. That may not matter if you're planning on selling the home down the road, but keep in mind that some choices can definitely increase the resale value of your home.

If buyers in 10 years see a sheet vinyl floor, they'll see a floor they'll need to replace soon. That factors into what they're willing to pay. That doesn't mean one or the other is the best choice. It all depends on the situation and budget. Just remember to consider these kinds of factors when you remodel a bathroom.

Professional Plumbers Are Worth It

A bathroom remodel is worth trusting professionals. Unless you've done the whole process before, it's always a good idea to involve a professional plumber. A plumbing mistake can damage more than just the bathroom you're remodeling.

Similarly, if you haven't laid a floor before, bathrooms can be very tricky. They require more precision than any other type of room in the house. Heat and humidity can exploit uneven seams or even minor mistakes in laying the floor, requiring you to tear it up and install it all over again.

A professional means decreasing your risk of costly mistakes. It also means someone who can double-check your ideas to make sure an oversight doesn't come back to bite you in the future. An unseen mistake today can mean a mold or mildew problem tomorrow. Unless you have extensive experience, a bathroom demands professional knowledge and skill. Contact Action Service Company for professional plumbing help throughout your bathroom remodeling project.