How to Beat the Heat of Statesville Summers

Monday, 29 July 2019 14:06
How to Beat the Heat of Statesville Summers

80°… 85°...90°...95°.... The mercury keeps rising, people! Statesville summers can be sizzling. They say it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity. Well, here in North Carolina, it’s both! Running your AC on max for months can be a big expense (and it can strain your system and cause failure - inevitably on the hottest day on record!) So how can you beat the heat at home?

Stay Cool In Statesville This Summer

A few tips to help you stay cool and comfortable:

1. Get an HVAC Checkup

Your heating system should be serviced each fall to prepare for winter. Don’t forget about your AC though! If you haven’t had your unit looked at this year (or last year… or the year before), schedule an appointment now! A routine run-through can help your system work as effectively and efficiently as possible. You don’t want to pump cool air - and your hard-earned dollars - right out the window. Regular servicing can also extend the life of your AC unit, saving you money down the road. 

2. Decrease the Load on Your AC Unit 

Even an efficient AC system can feel the strain of a Statesville summer. Reduce its workload by using fans. These circulate the air effectively. They don’t cool the room; they cool you. So when you leave, turn them off to save on your energy bills. 

Other ways you can keep your AC from having to work too hard: take a cool shower (with your bathroom vent on), place a bowl of ice cubes in front of your fan to create a cool breeze, point the fans out at night to pump out hot air and allow cool air in, enjoy a foot bath with cold water and a few ice cubes, and pop your sheets in the freezer. Really!

Trying to sleep when it’s hot is the worst. Place your bed sheets in a plastic bag and seal it tight. Keep them in the freezer for an hour or two before bed. This can help keep you cool while you fall asleep.

3. Run a Dehumidifier

You know when you check the weather forecast and you see the temperature - say 85° - but the “real feel” is 90° or more? Thank humidity for this. This is the amount of moisture in the air, and when it’s high, the temperature feels hotter than it really is. Also, your sweat will not evaporate, so you’re left feeling even more uncomfortable.

Run a dehumidifier to draw moisture from the air (not too much - we’re aiming for “just right”); this will make your home much more comfortable. Another benefit: it can prevent mold and mildew from taking root and growing in your home. These pesky allergens can affect your health and your home’s walls, insulation, and other critical elements.

4. Use Your Kitchen and Bathroom Exhaust Fans 

Exhaust fans draw warm, moist air from your kitchen and bathrooms. Just make sure that they vent out of the house. Some vent into the attic or other spaces, increasing the risk of developing excessive moisture. If you’re not sure if your fans vent exhaust outside or in, give us a call.

5. Turn Down Your Water Heater Temperature

This can be a good step if you have young children in the home; you don’t want them to accidentally scald themselves on hot water. It is also a smart move if you’re going out of town. Turn the temperature down a few degrees (which won’t matter while you’re living it up on vacation!). You’ll save money and ensure your system runs smoothly.

6. Fix Broken Toilets

Do you have to jiggle the handle to flush? Does your toilet make an odd sound after you flush? This could be costing you in terms of wasted gallons of water - and wasted money. In the summer, your bathroom will likely be getting a lot more use. Kids are home, friends are stopping by, you’re having backyard barbeques: a properly functioning toilet is a must. It’ll save you on your energy/utility bills and prevent costly (and uncomfortable) situations down the line.

7. Stay Hydrated

This isn’t a plumbing tip, per se, but ensuring you drink enough water is critical in the hot summer months. If you’re going to be outside, exerting energy, or just laying in front of the fan trying to survive, sip on a reusable bottle of water. By the time you feel thirsty, you’re already dehydrated, so just carry that bottle with you everywhere and take a drink whenever you think of it. Pop some lemon, lime, orange, frozen strawberries, cucumber slices, mint… or whatever you like in there, and you have a perfect summer treat.

Action Service Company is here to help you beat the heat this summer. Iredell County’s most trusted plumbers can handle all of your plumbing and HVAC needs; don’t hesitate to call us today for routine servicing and/or repairs. Stay cool, folks.