9 Silent Signs Your House Has a Major Plumbing Problem

Tuesday, 01 February 2022 21:24
9 Silent Signs Your House Has a Major Plumbing Problem

As a homeowner, it is very possible that you have spent many sleepless nights thinking about the foul stench coming from the drains or the strange spike in your water bill. Sometimes the most stressful parts of homeownership comes down to problems in your plumbing system, but it is not always clear what exactly is wrong.

Plumbing is a vast collection of systems that all come together to provide your home with water, as well as flush away waste, making it imperative for all parts of the system to work correctly. Here are a few silent signs of trouble to pay attention to so that you can quickly resolve any issues with your plumbing before they become very problematic.


Silent Plumbing Problems

1. Sewer Odors

Plumbing involves drains that use traps and vents which allow air to flow in and out of the pipes so that water can freely drain into the sewer line. When these systems work well, the sewer gas is expelled from the house.

However, if there is a crack in the vent or a dry trap, the possibility of odors from sewer gas lingering in the home is high. Sometimes it is possible that there is a clog in the main sewer line, which would also leave a foul odor of raw sewage hanging around your house.

2. Discolored Pipes

Discolored plumbing pipes often mean that there is excess moisture somewhere in the area. This moisture could be due to something as simple as a slow sink drip or a dirty drain line. It is also possible that it could be a serious problem such as a supply line leak.

The high pressure that a supply line carries could quickly turn a slow leak into an absolute disaster. When problems like this arise, immediately contact a professional plumber to take care of the issue.

3. Green Patches in Lawn

Sometimes you may have noticed bright, clean patches of grass in your lawn that are noticeably more vibrant than the rest of your yard. This is often because there is either a leak in your sewer line or septic system. 

This could turn into a major problem for both your yard as well as your plumbing. Tree roots, weeds, and old piping are often responsible for this.

4. Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure typically indicates a problem in the distribution of your water.  You may have a problem with a water main, pressure reducing valve, your well system  or even your water heater. It could also be a leaky supply line causing a loss of water pressure.

In the best-case scenario, you may have a defective or clogged faucet aerator, but if it is across the entire system, it may be best to hire a professional plumber to see what is going on.

5. No Water During Winter

When temperatures drop below 32 degrees, problems can possibly arise with your plumbing due to frozen pipes. This is something that should be dealt with immediately. Frozen pipes can crack, allowing water to leak as time goes on. This could cause a high water bill.

6. Bubbling wall paint

Bubbles and brown spots in the wall and ceiling are indicators of a moisture problem. While it could be a leaky roof, it is also a possibility that the plumbing system is leaking as well.

7. Slow Moving Drain

One of the few problems that can be fairly straightforward to understand is a slow-moving drain. Mostly caused by clogs in the line, it is typically fairly easy to inspect and fix. Fixing a clog is normally a matter of freeing up whatever material is clogging the drain by using a snake tool or plunger. However, clogged drain lines is sometimes the indication of a broken line or one that has failed.  

If that does not solve the problem, then it is best to call a plumber properly equipped with cameras and other tools to diagnose the problem.

8. Discolored Water

There are many reasons for the discoloration of water when it is dispensed from a faucet. Often there is air in the line causing water to be cloudy and sometimes brownish. If the water is more yellow or red, then there is possibly rust or iron deposits in the supply line. Green tinted water may indicate that your pipes are corroding from acid or highly alkaline water.

These are all issues that would need to be inspected by a plumber to ensure the safety of your drinking water. We recommend the testing of your drinking water periodically, especially if you are on a private well or water system to ensure it’s quality.

9. Wobbly Toilet

If your toilet is wobbly, that may be a sign that something is wrong with the installation. It could be as simple as a loose bolt; however, there is a chance that the wax seal around your toilet has failed and that water is damaging your subfloor. Or settling of the home and floor system is the problem.

It may be possible to fix this issue yourself, but having a licensed plumber take care of it will save you time and a lot of hassle, and ensure the job is done correctly.

Action Service Company in Statesville, NC

As with any major system in your house, plumbing is complex and fragile. It is very important to pay attention to the silent warning signs to ensure that you can get out in front of the issue before it becomes a catastrophic problem, costing much more than if you would have just taken care of it early on.

The team at Action Service Company, LLC. has helped numerous Statesville and Iredell County residents unclog and repair their main sewer lines over the years. If you suspect a major plumbing problem, we have the knowledge and skills to assist you. Contact us today at the first sign of any major plumbing problem.